Summary of Our Situation by Elon Musk

A 9 minute, impactful summary of where we are as a civilization regarding global overheating and what we must do.

Project Drawdown

Solutions to “drawdown” global overheating created by hundreds of advisors worldwide. Solutions range from rooftop solar to managing the HFCs in refrigeration systems properly.

Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

You and your purchasing decisions matter — that’s why we created We also need to change policy. This is the policy we need.

It’s bipartisan and essentially what Elon Musk advocates for in his short summary above.

Environmental Resilience Institute Toolkit

Created by Indiana University’s Environmental Resilience Institute.

“ERIT is an interactive resource to help local governments in Indiana and beyond effectively deliver services to their communities even as the climate changes… ERIT has a special emphasis on Midwestern communities and on small to mid-sized communities in both rural and urban areas.”

<h1>Six Activities:</h1>

Your choices matter. You matter.

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