Greenscape Geeks

Greenscape Geeks, LLC is a sustainable landscaping company that specializes in design, installation, and maintenance in the Central Indiana area.

As a business, the goal is to help homeowners and commercial entities rebuild native plant and wildlife populations, conserve valuable resources, and emphasize natural beauty. We take pride in providing attractive and sustainable solutions for any client.

What Makes Us Special?

Greenscape Geeks, LLC was the first landscaping company in the Indianapolis area to commit to going fully green and sustainable. Additionally, we are the only company in the area uses native plants in all of our unique designs and installations.

Our team is made up of graduate educated designers, skilled laborers, and we are veteran owned. First and foremost, we are artists and conservationists. Secondly, we are architects and masters of our trade. Our passion for sustainability and the environment, as well as charitable donations, is unmatched by any of our competitions.

What Makes Us Relevant?

In the early days, the Geeks quickly recognized that there was an unfulfilled need in Indiana for quality, green landscaping.

Over and over again, there were reports of massive bee die-offs, more species put into endangered status, invasive plants taking over en masse, and continued deforestation. Our company actively works to provide beautiful landscaping that is also environmentally friendly and produces necessary food sources and habitat for threatened wildlife.

As Indiana has grown more green friendly, so have we. We continuously strive to provide our clientele with the best, forward thinking, and ecological products and services available.

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