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Most fundraisers involve selling things people don’t really need or adding stress and busyness to our already hectic lives.

What if you could fundraise with a game that benefits local small businesses, health, and conservation around our community?

This Family Cares is a free fun magnet that families can use to complete the activities they want and can earn money for their organization with each completed activity. There are a total of 18 possible activities a family could complete.

As a family checks off the magnet game, they learn about resources in our community and a commission is paid by local businesses to the fundraiser.

Example activities:

  • Invest in community supported agriculture (CSA). Receive locally grown vegetables weekly. Help keep a local farmer in business and feed your family great healthy food.
  • Test drive a hybrid car. Most of us would love for our country to not be dependent on foreign oil and a great way to do that is to use less oil!
  • Speak with a solar installer. Find out how to save money on your power bills and become more self-sufficient.

How much could your organization fundraise?

Each activity has different lead/sales commissions attached, but even if most families completed just a few of the overall activities, your income would be about $30 a magnet. If a family completed every activity, it would bring in over $500 to your organization.

We estimate that a fundraiser that distributes 200 magnets would earn between $6,000 and $60,000 depending on how many activities are completed. We’re just getting started and have a lot of experimentation to do.

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